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Max J Pollack and Sons: Insuring New Yorkers’ Most Valuable Assets since 1936
April 12, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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Comparing Insurance Quotes? 3 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

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If you’re on the market for personal or commercial insurance in the state of New York, choosing a reputable insurance company that you can rely on to properly protect your assets is an absolute must. Since 1936, Max J Pollack and Sons has been one of the most trusted names in the insurance industry in the Empire State. They offer premium-quality products and impeccable customer service to guarantee that all of your needs are met. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an insurance company that can even come close to the Max J Pollack and Sons.


Comparing Insurance Quotes

Whether you’ve recently opened a business in New York and you need liability insurance NYC or commercial property insurance, or you’re shopping around for better home insurance NYC or apartment insurance NYC, getting the best possible coverage is your top priority. However, if you’re like most people, making sure that you are paying the most affordable rates possible is probably pretty high on your priority list, too.


The best way to secure great coverage at a great price is to contact several insurance companies in NYC and get quotes from each one. The cost for the same exact type of insurance coverage can vary widely from company to company. That’s why insurance experts highly recommend comparing quotes before you make a final decision. After you’ve collected multiple quotes from different companies, you can sit down and compare them to decide which option will best suit your needs. However, before you decide, make sure that you consider the following tips to ensure that you are truly making the best choice.


Always Provide Accurate Information

When you contact an insurance company for a quote, you’re going to be asked a few basic questions. For instance, if you are looking for renters insurance NYC, you’ll likely need to provide the following information:

  •         Your name and date of birth
  •         The address of the property
  •         The date you want the coverage to start
  •         The amount of coverage you’d like
  •         Key safety features the property offers


Make sure that the information you provide each insurance company is exactly the same. If there’s even a slight difference in the information – you forget a safety feature or you ask for more coverage from one company and less coverage from another – the quotes you receive will be much different. One quote might be higher than another, but that could be because the amount of coverage it offers is higher than another quote.


Don’t Assume the Lowest Price is the Best Option

It goes without saying that you want to pay the lowest amount possible; but, just because the price is lower for one policy doesn’t mean that it’s a better option. A low priced policy might offer the least amount of coverage.


Fully inspect the details of the policy to find out exactly what it covers. You might be shocked to find out just how little coverage that lower price policy is offering. Also, if the policies offer the same amount of coverage but one quote is much lower than another, consider the reputation and history of each company. The company that offered you a lower quote might not have the best track record, and if you do ever need to file a claim, there’s a chance that you could end up in a serious predicament.

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Investigate Additional Services

Many insurance companies offer extra features, and those features can impact a quote. Some of those features might be worth your while, but others might mean nothing to you. If a company offers a service that you really don’t need, paying the extra money probably won’t make much sense; but, if the additional services that are offered could come in handy, then paying a few more bucks would make sense.


Contact Max J Pollack and Sons for a Quote Today

If you need a personal or commercial insurance policy in New York, Max J Pollack and Sons is an excellent company to consider working with. With more than eight decades of experience, they’ll make sure that your assets are properly protected with a policy that meets your specific needs. To request a quote, call 718.624.1461 or visit MackPollackInsurance.com today!

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