commercial-liabilityBrooklyn Commercial Car Insurance

If you are planning to start a commercial vehicle business, the first thing that you should look at is probably insurance for your fleet of commercial vehicles. Without the right insurance in place, your business can be held liable to pay for the losses or damages in case of mishaps and accidents.

As commercial vehicles travel for long distances for days on end, the probability of untoward incidents on the roads is much higher. Commercial auto insurance can protect your business, vehicles and employees and pay for the medical treatments and other incurred losses.

In its very basic form, commercial auto insurance will pay for injuries or compensation in case of deaths. In case the insurer decides to defend the claims, all costs regarding the same will be borne by the commercial auto insurer. The commercial auto insurance is liable to pay for the damages that your vehicle may have caused to the property of the other party. All medical expenses incurred for your drivers, passengers and the pedestrians involved, if any, will be paid by the insurer.

Commercial auto insurance can also include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, additional expenses, employer’s non-ownership liability and hired auto liability coverage.

Collision Coverage is the coverage for all damages sustained as a result of the collision of your commercial vehicle with that of a motor vehicle, fixed objects, or a rollover.

Comprehensive coverage takes care of all damages that may have occurred due to fire, theft, earthquakes, floods, etc minus collision.

In case your driver sustains injuries in an accident that occurred due to the negligent driving of the other driver who is uninsured, your commercial auto insurance will pay for the treatment of your insured driver. In case the other driver is insured but has limited liability which is not enough to cover the costs, your commercial auto insurance can pay for the balance costs.

All additional expenses such as food, stay or a rental car that you may have to incur due to the accident or events covered under comprehensive coverage will be paid by the auto insurance.

The commercial auto insurance extends to private passenger automobiles used in your business by any of your employees as well as to any vehicle you may have rented or is owned by your employees.

If you choose for the same, your commercial auto vehicle can provide cover for physical damage to a short term leased automobile that is used in your business.

As a responsible business owner, it is your duty to provide your employees and drivers the protection that they require when on the road. When you protect your employees, you are protecting yourself and your business at the same time. As a commercial business owner, you need to realize that without adequate insurance you are putting yourself and your business at a great risk. Before you start out with your commercial vehicle business, it is advisable that you plan your commercial auto insurance before everything else. While you may not be able to prevent, you can definitely protect.